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Aqualab Scientific Pty Ltd

Aqualab Scientific is a leading supplier of environmental monitoring instruments. At Aqualab, we understand that our customers have an extremely important responsibility to protect and manage Australia's water resources. Our goal is to continue to offer the best technologies and services to provide reliable data that enables customers to make informed water resource decisions. Aqualab Scientific founded in 1992 by Adam J. Merhab is a wholly owned Australian company with their head office located in Cromer, Sydney, with additional offices in Perth and Adelaide.  

Our expertise

  • Augers & samplers
  • Field measuring equipment
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Monitoring

Contact information

Address Unit 10, 4-7
Postal code Cromer NSW 2099
City Villiers Place
Country AU
Email Address sales@aqualab.com.au
Website https://aqualab.com.au/