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Water monitoring solutions for mining

Water Resources Management

Protect water resources around mining sites by monitoring the effects of mining operations on surrounding ground and surface waters.

Our Water Monitoring solutions for the complete mining lifecycle offer products and features for the following subjects: 

Ecosystem Protection

Monitor the impact of mining activities on surrounding water bodies to protect local ecosystems and comply with environmental protection policies.

Customizable Alerts and Reports

Set thresholds for water levels and quality to receive automatic alerts, enabling swift response to potential issues and trigging actions such as pump activation.

Seepage Monitoring

Detect and monitor seepage from tailings dams or waste storage sites, preventing groundwater contamination.

Remote Monitoring

Deploy a network of groundwater level sensors, water quality probes, and modems to monitor water conditions in real time and across extensive areas, without the need for frequent site visits. 

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure compliance with local and international water management regulations through precise and reliable monitoring equipment.

AI-Powered Analysis

Use AI algorithms and data tools to predict water system behaviors, allowing for proactive management of water-related risks such as Acid Mine Drainage and floodings.

Feel free to get in touch with our team to choose the best set of solutions for your mining challenges.

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