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Smart measurements of water and soil


Our world is getting smarter, and in a smart world measuring and monitoring only makes sense if it’s followed up with relevant actions. To us ‘smart’ means more than just producing a large quantity of data: the data needs to be meaningful, and linked to an action. Eijkelkamp Smart Monitoring can provide all the resources, technology and services needed to produce relevant data for you.

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Collecting the right data

This could be data from which you can obtain valuable information, or data that helps send control signals for machines and equipment. That is the essence of what we do: we facilitate the data that allows you to shape things to your needs. All the hardware, sensors, soil drilling equipment, cables and modems you require for this, including the necessary advice and service, can be found in our program.

Over the years, we’ve shifted from product-oriented to solution-oriented thinking. While our classic vision was always product-focused, smart monitoring moves us forward; toward a platform where we focus on providing important data.

Continuous monitoring versus sampling

Why choose monitoring over regular sampling? If you want a complete overview of what’s going on with the soil or water you’re managing, more data is always better. And with our sensors for continuous monitoring of water quality and quantity, you’ll get thousands of records, collected over weeks, months and years, that register every fluctuation.

With periodic sampling it’s inevitable to miss certain events, as the image shows. What’s more, monitoring can be done from anywhere, whereas sampling regularly requires you to go out in the field and perform certain actions. With the long lifetime of the sensors we’re offering, you’re set for many years with just one installation of your monitoring network.

Smart soil moisture and water quality sensors

We’re not just providing sensors, but rather completing the data cycle and making the city smarter. By measuring all aspects of the water cycle, our products provide automatic adaptivity for future extreme climate changes.

To monitor the groundwater, we install simple, smart and effective sensors that communicate over the Internet of Things. This allows us to make trees smart: if there is not enough moisture in the soil they’re able to sound the alarm and automatically activate a sprinkler. Human intervention? No longer required.

Royal Eijkelkamp Control Room

For effective monitoring we have created an advanced control room at our head office in the Netherlands, where we collect, manage and validate all data. This combination of tools and data helps to make us unique, smarter and cheaper!

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Sensors and Probes

Royal Eijkelkamp offers a wide range of soil and water related sensors, like soil moisture, water level, water discharge or meteorological sensors. Find the smart solution to your data challenge in our range.

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Measuring water quality with Royal Eijkelkamp equipment

Data communication and management

Recent developments in sensors, dataloggers, and telemetry have delivered intelligent monitoring systems that are able to operate remotely, running on very low levels of power and delivering reliable data in real-time. We have included several products in our program that will help you with your specific data communication and management.

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