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Close-up of sample in Edelman auger
Close-up of sample in Edelman auger
Your tools of choice for soil research

Soil samplers

Royal Eijkelkamp has developed auger sampling equipment for every application in soil research. Years of experimenting with soil researchers has resulted in optimum auger types for different kinds of soil. This makes it possible to take a good and reliable sample for subsequent research.

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Close-up of sample in Edelman auger

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Eijkelkamp Hand Augers

Hand augers

To obtain a reliable soil sample, it is of great importance to use the correct hand auger. Our experts have designed two types of connections (bayonet and conical screw thread), to make drilling to greater depths possible. The hand augers are made of high-quality non-toxic steel, which makes them extremely suitable for soil and environmental research.

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Gouge auger with soil sample

Gouge augers

Hand-forged of high-quality hardened steel by our professionals, and made to last: that best describes the gouge augers developed by Royal Eijkelkamp. These instruments minimise the distortion of a sample, which makes them suitable for profile research and sampling. The gouge auger is available in various lengths and diameters, extendable and non-extendable.

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Using the foil sampler

Undisturbed core samplers

A successful laboratory analysis starts in the field; it all depends on the quality of samples. It is important therefore to use the right equipment to take undisturbed, high quality samples. Royal Eijkelkamp has developed a varied range of undisturbed core samplers to meet all needs both in the field and in the laboratory.

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Grass plot sample

Grass plot samplers

The grass plot samplers are designed for easy soil and (grass) root zone sampling. Royal Eijkelkamp recommends this instrument for grassland research and for use by horticulturalists and park managers. The possibility to quickly take several samples while walking is ideal in this field of work. The stainless-steel material ensures a long-life span.

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Root auger range

Root samplers

The root sampler is recommended for examining the development of a root system, so for determining the depth and density of the root system. Royal Eijkelkamp can offer a single (one-piece) and an extendable (two-piece) version. Which variant you choose depends on the application and the depth you need to auger to.

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Using the profile sampler

Profile samplers

The profile sampler differs from other sampling devices by taking a rectangular sample from the top layer. The device makes it possible to take a sizeable and virtually undisturbed sample. The roots, up to a diameter of 2 centimetres, are included in the sample. The sample is easy to remove, which reduces the risk of disturbance to a minimum.

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Percussion auger with samples

Machine operated auger sets

Our machine-operated auger sets make motorised augering to a depth of 10 metres possible in hard soils. This instrument is specially designed by Royal Eijkelkamp for soil sampling and drilling in hard soils with layers of rubble and stone. The instrument is especially ideal when something cannot be solved with manual drilling.

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