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Determine soil pH

Measure calcium carbonate content

The calcium carbonate content indicates the soil's acidity (pH). This determines in large part the quality of the soil, and its fertility. To determine the carbonate content, Royal Eijkelkamp offers a calcimeter that works in accordance with the method of Scheibler. It was developed together with Dutch research institutes and meets the standards of NEN 5757 and DIN 19682 and 19684.

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The Scheibler method

This method determines carbonate content based on a volumetric method. Hydrochloric acid is added to the sample, converting the carbonates present into CO2. As the pressure created by the CO2 is released, the water in a burette that is de-aerated rises. The increase in water level is an indication of the amount of CO2 released, from which the carbonate content can then be calculated. It is expressed as an equivalent calcium carbonate content.

Our Scheibler method calcimeter offers several benefits in comparison with other methods (such as the Wesemael and Anderson methods):

  • No oven required to dry the silica gel
  • No other chemicals needed
  • No long waiting periods
  • No very accurate weighing equipment needed
  • Less vulnerable glass parts
  • It is easier to determine the content using the volumetric method than by weighing the gas
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