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Advanced monitoring capabilities

Remote Operations for Mining

With our solutions for remote operations for mining, you will be able to monitor mining operations from the office while still being in control of what happens on the job site.

Our Monitoring While Drilling solution for remote operations during the mining lifecycle offers products and features for the following subjects: 

Simplified Success Measurement

Monitoring While Drilling allows you to easily track and compare the productivity of drill rigs and drilling teams. This makes it easier to identify areas for improvement. In addition, the system keeps track of planned and completed boreholes, providing a clear overview of project progress. 

Data Archiving

Thanks to our future-proof data solutions, operational data is securely stored for historical analysis and future strategy planning. This allows you to more easily answer questions such as: 

  • What was the best rig setting and configuration for that specific geology?
  • How many meters did we drill with this machine in the last two years of project?

Obtain Detailed Insights

You can view extensive operational data from each rig, which increases control over drilling activities:

  • Which rigs are running and operating?
  • Which rigs are idle? Why?
  • How much fuel is being used in your drilling campaign this month?

Anticipate Repairs

Thanks to the monitoring of the rigs' conditions in real time, you'll be able to foresee maintenance needs and thus prevent rig downtime.

  • When should I replace filters?
  • Do we have replacement parts ready or should we place an order?
  • How many more meters can I drill before ordering new bits?

Environmental Compliance

The monitor of environmental metrics helps to ensure that rigs meet the regulatory requirements.

  • How much were the CO2 emissions this month?
  • How much water was used in this drilling site?

Safety Standards

Continuously monitor the safety of rigs, ensuring the protection of operations.

Geo While Drilling

Determine soil and rock characteristics by interpreting rig performance and adjust tool and drill settings accordingly

Feel free to get in touch with our team to choose the best set of solutions for your mining challenges.

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