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Every industry has its own challenges when it comes to the management of soil and water, so our products and solutions are designed with your business in mind. We innovate to make processes smarter, easier and more profitable, but also more beneficial for the planet. Find out how we can help you by selecting your industry below.

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Soil quality research

At the root of successful agriculture is healthy soil. Aspects such as soil moisture, particle size distribution and microbial life all influence the growth of crops. Research of these soil parameters should be conducted prior to making decisions for soil improvement.

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Construction & Infrastructure

Poorly accessible construction pits and sites can pose all kinds of problems, especially if it causes an excavator to sink or a crane to topple. But unstable soil poses even greater problems when constructing roads, bridges and tunnels. There are several ways to check and monitor soil integrity and with the right equipment, you can quickly investigate the site safety.

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Water Management

Due to the changing climate, the demand for expertise in water and water management is increasing worldwide. Wet and dry periods alternate and both good drainage and storage of water are becoming increasingly important. Effective management starts with insight into soil quality and quantity.

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Research & Education

The company Eijkelkamp has been collaborating with educational and research institutes since the early days. A request from a professor from a neighbouring university to repair a hand auger has led to the development of our own line of augers, a variety of other soil mapping equipment and more. And we continue to innovate.

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Beautiful shot of the barge with sonic drilling rig on the Mjøsa lake in Norway

Near shore & Offshore

Nearshore and offshore soil surveys are performed by drilling companies that combine geotechnical research with sonic sampling and cone penetration testing. They use the results from this research to create advisory reports for the building of offshore wind farms, or to lay cables and oil or gas pipelines.

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Equipment for every phase of mining

Royal Eijkelkamp supplies advanced equipment for operators and contractors to be used in various activities within all phases of mining: from drill core sampling in an exploration campaign to measuring groundwater quality in a mine site and monitoring slope stability in a rehabilitation post-mining area.

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Environmental science

Knowledge of the quality of the soil, groundwater and sediment is of importance for the value of real estate, liabilities and risks of environmental pollution.

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Want to know more about our solutions?

Want to know more about our solutions?

Our products and services serve different purposes for different industries and applications. We've created these overviews to give you an idea of the possibilities and our range, but if you want to get more in-depth information of practical applications, head on over to our knowledge hub.