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Using the Eijkelkamp hand penetrometer
Using the Eijkelkamp hand penetrometer

Resistance to penetration

The soil's resistance to penetration determines its carrying capacity and the ease with which plant roots can grow through the soil. This depends on changing parameters such as moisture content, density, and the strength of the connection between mineral particles. We offer various instruments that measure the resistance to penetration and carrying capacity of the soil.

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Using the Eijkelkamp hand penetrometer

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Using the Eijkelkamp penetrograph

Manually operated

The soil bearing capacity is an important factor in foundation design for civil engineering works. Our various mechanical (manually operated) measuring instruments measure the resistance to penetration and bearing capacity, and can also be used for determining accessibility of (construction) sites and quantitative measurements of the soil profile.

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Using the Eijkelkamp penetrologger

Electronic with datalogger

Mapping large areas often requires many measurements. For this purpose, we have developed the Penetrologger; an electronic penetrometer with a built-in GPS and data logger, for accurately storing and processing many data. Optionally a soil moisture sensor can be connected in order to determine and save the soil moisture percentage (single-point measurement) of the measuring position.

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