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Monitoring well with GDT Prime Plus modem
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Measure water levels, discharge, quality and more

Water level sensors

Water sensors are a convenient way to keep an eye on several water qualities without having to take frequent measurements. Simply install the device and let it collect the relevant data. Our instruments measure water level, temperature, electrical conductivity, and discharge.

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Divers: advanced water level sensors

The Diver water level logger range provides a robust line of data loggers for groundwater and environmental professionals. The Diver water level loggers accurately measure and record fluctuations in surface and groundwater levels, temperature and conductivity.  

There are several different Divers available, suitable for different types of water, use range, internal memory storage demands and size. 

Flumes for accurate discharge and flow rate measuring

The flow rate data are used for the design and monitoring of irrigation canals. This allows for the design of an efficient water distribution system in which a surplus or waste of water is avoided as much as possible. The flow rate is measured frequently in particular at canal splitting or separation structures. At section level it is important to know the flow rate in order to determine whether the crop receives sufficient water.

For the management of irrigation systems it is important that the quantity of water flowing through canals can be measured accurately. In the field of irrigation this is called discharge (flow rate). Discharge is the amount of water flowing through a canal at a certain place at a certain time. The flow rate is usually expressed in litres per second or cubic meters per hour. Water discharge measurements are important for the determination of a hydrologic balance in a certain area. 

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