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Using the Drill'n CPT system
Using the Drill'n CPT system
Diverse range of geotechnical research solutions

Drilling & CPT

Royal Eijkelkamp not only provides the necessary equipment and expertise to conduct both of these soil investigation methods; our equipment allows you to integrate them like never before. Whether you are looking to build a drilling fleet, complement your drilling system with a CPT add-on or set up a dedicated CPT programme; we offer a one-stop solution for all of your site investigation needs.

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Using the Drill'n CPT system

Sonic drilling solutions

Sonic drilling is an innovative drilling method. Its added sonic capabilities offer several advantages over conventional drilling - with a wide range of applications, it's the solution for every drilling job.

Sonic drilling is a soil penetration technique that uses high frequency vibratory energy, generated by a sonic drill head, to advance a core barrel through even the most challenging soils, all whilst collecting high quality samples. Applications include environmental drilling, mineral sampling, geotechnical sampling and testing, seismic drilling and geo-constructional drilling.

Increase your productivity with not just the Royal Eijkelkamp products, but also via onsite product training. You'll be equipped with both the tools and knowledge to get the most out of your equipment. 

CPT Solutions

Royal Eijkelkamp designs, develops and manufacturers a complete range of equipment, and provides necessary training, for Cone Penetration Testing (CPT). 

CPT is a rapidly developing site investigation technique with a wide range of applications, including:

  • Geotechnical: CPT provides information on the soil profile, which can be used to design foundations, provide quality control for ground improvement work or to check the condition of a levee or a dike, for example.
  • Hydrogeological: to analyse the level and flow of groundwater or the interaction between groundwater and the surrounding soil.
  • Geo-environmental: to check the length of unknown foundations or the presence of buried steel objects, but also to determine the presence of contaminants in the soil.


Combining our unique experience in both Sonic drilling and CPT, Royal Eijkelkamp offers the latest development in the CPT industry: SonicCPT.

When standard CPT hits refusal, the SonicCPT technology can be used to overcome the terminating factor and advance the CPT further than previously possible. SonicCPT makes use of vibratory energy from the sonic head, which acts to reduce friction along the CPT rods while also breaking down stiff soil layers at the cone. You can make use of this sonic energy either by adding a Drill'n CPT system to your sonic drill rig, or a SonicCPT pusher to your CPT carrier. 

  • Use one rig for a wide range of applications: SonicCPT is available as an add-on to all Sonic drill rigs and most Royal Eijkelkamp CPT rigs
  • Suitable for the widest range of ground conditions: apply CPT deeper than ever before

Drill'n CPT

You'll find this nowhere else: only Royal Eijkelkamp is able to offer such a diverse range of geotechnical solutions with dedicated drill rigs, dedicated CPT rigs and also the Drill’n CPT combination system.

The Drill’n CPT is an easy to install and use add-on system, that fits in the break out clamp of Royal Eijkelkamp drill rigs. The system allows the user to quickly switch from drilling to performing CPT. Unlike downhole CPT systems, the Drill’n CPT performs a continuous CPT rather than discrete intervals and provides real-time data.

When encountering a hard layer that CPT cannot pass through, simply use the drill until softer material is again reached.

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Sonic drilling on the beach

Sonic drilling

Are you ready to meet the difference in Sonic drilling? Royal Eijkelkamp drilling equipment will help to increase your productivity, with a product line that is designed to be safer and more ergonomic than the industry standard. In addition to our unique sonic drilling method, we also offer product field training in your local environment.

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Compact Crawler CPT130


Cone Penetration Testing is a soil investigation technique that was developed some 90 years ago and is now utilised all around the world to establish soil behaviour and soil stratigraphy. Through the use of additional modules, the technique can be used not only for geotechnical investigations, but also for hydrogeological and geo-environmental investigations.

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