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Measuring water quality with Royal Eijkelkamp equipment
Measuring water quality with Royal Eijkelkamp equipment

Data communication and management

Recent developments in sensors, dataloggers, and telemetry have delivered intelligent monitoring systems that are able to operate remotely, running on very low levels of power and delivering reliable data in real-time. We have included several products in our program that will help you with your specific data communication and management.

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Measuring water quality with Royal Eijkelkamp equipment

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Monitoring well with GDT Prime Plus modem


For data transmission and management, your data loggers need to be able to communicate. Connect your sensors, meters, and probes to the Global Data Transmitter (GDT) modem range of Royal Eijkelkamp and transmit sensor data anywhere in the world.

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Web portal

Royal Eijkelkamp's sensors and telemetry solutions enable you to collect reliable soil and water data in a cost-effective way. Our web portal offers a user-friendly data platform that provides insight into the measurements. Discover the online tools that give you access to your data - anytime, anywhere - from all your measurement locations.

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