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Soil and Water Rentals

Our rental products for soil and water research are listed in the overview below. Select the product on the form below to request your rental. 

Product Article number  Measuring options
Peristaltic pump with charger 12.25  
Peristaltic pump with charger 12.26  
Peristaltic pump with charger 12.35  
Peristaltic pump with charger 12.35.SB  
Penetrologger 06.15.SA soil penetration resistance
Scuba 90A 18.11.09 pH/ORP, EC, DO, temp, Chl-a, NO3, NH4, depth
Scuba BGA  18.11.50 algal blooms, turbidity and water contaminants
TD Diver 10 metres groundwater level and temperature
CTD Diver 10 metres conductivity, pressure and temperature
CTD Diver 50 metres conductivity, pressure and temperature


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