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Test water samples in the field

Water quality

The quality of water is of great importance to the lives of people, animals, and plants. After all, water is one of the most important sources of life. For testing samples of water or aqueous extracts, a varied range of reliable and accurate water quality test kits and water quality meters are available.

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Water quality test kits

For the detection of chemical substances in water we offer various water quality test kits. With our instruments it is possible to test specifically for the presence of nitrate, turbidity, and various anions and cations. The test kits are compact and easy to use in the field.

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Water Quality Meters

Water quality meters

Royal Eijkelkamp has a varied range of water quality meters. These instruments are specially designed for analytical measurements under field conditions, or in a demanding laboratory environment. It is possible to measure reliable values such as pH, EC, and oxygen in water or wet soil.

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