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Consumables, protection and accessories

Monitoring wells

To prevent harm to the environment and ensure accurate analyses, our monitoring well consumables are manufactured with materials that cause no contamination. When available, they are supplied with a KIWA quality certificate.

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Accurate monitoring well measurements

The quality of ground water monitoring systems depends on many factors. Some materials can contaminate soil and environment, so make sure the materials you choose are permitted. If the materials used do cause contaminated water samples, this will affect the quality of your monitoring system and lead to unsatisfactory analysis results. It’s also important to make sure you use sufficient sealings and that the materials do not cause diffusion of chemicals or water.

Our products are safe to use and some have KIWA certificates. We've also developed a line of special monitoring well products. These reduce or eliminate the possibility of non-representative water samples, because they prevent water leakage from one soil layer to another, or diffusion of chemicals into or within the monitoring system. 

Assembling a complete monitoring well

A monitoring well consists of several different components. To create a complete monitoring well, you need the following parts: 

  • Plain HDPE or PVC pipe
  • Filter pipe of the same diameter
  • Filtergauze
  • Filter sand
  • Bottom cap
  • Top cap
  • Sand catcher
  • Bentonite
  • Protection cap/cover