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Experience and expertise in soil and water solutions, since 1911

Eijkelkamp products

  • Edelman augers in the forge

    Augers & Samplers

    Royal Eijkelkamp offers a wide range of durable hand-made sampling equipment especially for research in the field of soil and water. Besides taking disturbed or undisturbed samples for soil research (above and below (ground)water table), our augers can also be used for installing monitoring wells.

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  • Using the Eijkelkamp Lysimeter

    Field measuring equipment

    Accurate measurement data is essential when carrying out fieldwork for soil investigations. Royal Eijkelkamp offers a wide range of high-quality and reliable measuring equipment for field use.

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  • Using the Drill'n CPT system

    Drilling rigs & CPT

    Eijkelkamp North America not only provides the necessary equipment and expertise to conduct both sonic and conventional soil investigation methods; our equipment allows you to integrate them like never before. Whether you are looking to build a drilling fleet, complement your drilling system with a CPT add-on or set up a dedicated CPT program; we offer a one-stop solution for all of your site investigation needs.

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  • Fraste drilling rigs

    The Fraste rigs for conventional drilling can be useful for many different applications. With a conventional drill, you can drill to unprecedented depths. With more than fifty years of experience in the design and construction of drilling rigs, Fraste has grown into one of the biggest drilling rig manufacturers in the world. Direct contact with drillers worldwide allows them to continuously develop and innovate.

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  • Pumps

    Eijkelkamp North America provides pumps for various applications. Whether you need to dewater an area, need to take groundwater samples for determination of the chemical composition, or want to flush a monitoring well, you will find the right instrument made of approved materials here.

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  • Soil laboratory testing equipment

    Lab testing equipment

    After taking soil samples in the field, the real work begins: analysis in the lab. From the preparation and mixing of soil samples to the measurement and testing, we offer a variety of instruments to help you perform your research accurately and effectively.

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  • Monitoring

    Our world is getting smarter, and in a smart world measuring and monitoring only makes sense if it’s followed up with relevant actions. To us ‘smart’ means more than just producing a large quantity of data: the data needs to be meaningful, and linked to an action. Eijkelkamp Smart Monitoring can provide all the resources, technology and services needed to produce relevant data for you.

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Royal Eijkelkamp helps manage groundwater problems in Sri Lanka

By order of the Sri Lankan Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources Management, Royal Eijkelkamp will realize a groundwater monitoring network in various regions of the South Asian country.

'This sonic rig is safer than other machines'

Terra Testing Inc. (TTI), located in Washington, Pennsylvania, is specialized in geotechnical and environmental drilling and uses a CompactRotoSonic drilling rig of Royal Eijkelkamp.

Refresco guarantees clean spring water through Smart Sensoring monitors

Refresco is Europe's largest producer of soft drinks and fruit juices. They monitor the spring water with Smart Sensoring equipment in order not to pollute water and to extract as little as possible.

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