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Research and tools for effective water management

Water Management

Due to the changing climate, the demand for expertise in water and water management is increasing worldwide. Wet and dry periods alternate and both good drainage and storage of water are becoming increasingly important. Effective management starts with insight into soil quality and quantity.

Measuring and monitoring water

Good-quality surface and groundwater is essential for the development of plants, animals and the maintenance of reliable drinking water. Nowadays there are many developments that threaten the quality of our water, such as drought due to climate change, pollution and salinisation.

Continuous insight is important in order to be able to intervene quickly in the event of changes or possible problems. Different techniques are available for this. To measure the quality of the groundwater, pumps can be used to regularly take samples from monitoring wells to examine the groundwater on various parameters.

Groundwater levels but also temperature can be tracked by the Diver data loggers. With a variety of equipment you can easily set up a measurement network that, through data transfer via modems, provides 24/7 insight into the water parameters that matter to you, complete with alarms and notifications.

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