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Research & Education

The company Eijkelkamp has been collaborating with educational and research institutes since the early days. A request from a professor from a neighbouring university to repair a hand auger has led to the development of our own line of augers, a variety of other soil mapping equipment and more. And we continue to innovate.

The power of collaboration

In the world of research and science, collaboration is crucial. It allows you to make use each other's insights, experiences and needs. Royal Eijkelkamp therefore collaborates every year with many different research and educational institutions from The Netherlands and abroad.

From supplying equipment to schools to executing projects with students and even developing products in collaboration with professors and scientists. For example, the compression and shear testing devices have been developed in collaboration with the University of Kiel, we are working on various projects with students in our innovation area InnoFields and our products are used for various research purposes. Innovation is the main goal: what can we, based on our knowledge and expertise, contribute to soil and water research to truly make a difference?

This, for example, resulted in the Lysimeter: a smart product, developed in collaboration with various bodies, to be the first of its kind to conduct research into evaporation.

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Research & Education