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Edelman augers in the forge
Edelman augers in the forge
Samplers for every application

Augers & Samplers

Royal Eijkelkamp offers a wide range of durable augers and sampling equipment for soil research. In addition to taking disturbed or undisturbed soil samples, above or below ground water level, our tools can also be used for the installation of monitoring wells.

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Edelman augers in the forge

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Close-up of sample in Edelman auger

Soil samplers

Royal Eijkelkamp has developed auger sampling equipment for every application in soil research. Years of experimenting with soil researchers has resulted in optimum auger types for different kinds of soil. This makes it possible to take a good and reliable sample for subsequent research.

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Training waterbodem beschrijven en bemonsteren van Eijkelkamp Academy

Liquid samplers

Royal Eijkelkamp offers a variety of samplers to research and monitor various aspects of water and liquids. They can be used for sampling of surface water and other liquids in vessels and tanks.

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Sludge & sediment samplers

Royal Eijkelkamp has created a wide range of sludge and sediment samplers. With these instruments it is possible to take samples from the bottom of canals, lakes, rivers, ditches, ports and near coasts. Various equipment for sediment related measurements (turbidity, water depth) is also included in our assortment.

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