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Gouge auger with soil sample
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Great for profile research and sampling

Gouge augers

Hand-forged of high-quality hardened steel by our professionals, and made to last: that best describes the gouge augers developed by Royal Eijkelkamp. These instruments minimise the distortion of a sample, which makes them suitable for profile research and sampling. The gouge auger is available in various lengths and diameters, extendable and non-extendable.

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Choosing the right gouge auger

Gouge auger sets are often used in profile research for surveying purposes, soil assessment and rootage surveys.

  • Standard gouge augers are suitable for use in soft soils such as peat, clay and sandy or disturbed soils.
  • Heavy-duty gouge augers have been developed for hard soils such as loam and stony soils. They are driven into the soils using a hammer.
  • The single type sets are suitable for topsoil research.
  • The bi-partite auger sets are used in soil research to a depth of 5 m, depending on soil structure and soil composition.

The longer the operational part is, the more sensitive it is to torsion. So the soil type is influential here. The most suitable diameter depends on the composition and the structure of the soil and the purpose of the research: in general, a smaller diameter is used in in soils with a fine or dense structure.

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