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Collaboration with other companies is essential for us to be able to realise our ideals and contribute to a healthy and safe living environment. Not just at a strategic level, but also for sharing knowledge and information.

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At InnoFields we currently collaborate with the following organisations:

Eijkelkamp-Altop Solutions
Partnership with Altop for the development of the Two-way TerraDrain system for agriculture and mining.

This organisation works on data science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. We want to link this to the InnoFields data and digital twins.

Soil Valley DevCorp
The umbrella organisation for Soil Valley, with the main goal of attracting start- & scale-ups that share our ideals.

Soil Valley Ecosystems i.o.
Ensures the roll-out of Soil Valley, in order to realise a healthy and green soil.

Eijkelkamp Ozone+
A new initiative together with Sigma Waters to develop a method for cleaning polluted water with Ozone+.

De Streekfabriek
An initiative to help people eat local produce from regional producers: from soil to mouth and from field to fork.

Tuinderij Bodemliefde 
The ecological garden located at InnoFields, where activities are centred around production, tasting, learning and experimentation. 

InnovatieHub InnoFields
Collaboration between Royal Eijkelkamp, Altop Products, Hal24K, and more partners to attract young talent and students. Royal Eijkelkamp was named internship company of the year 2021.