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Eijkelkamp Hand Augers
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Hand-forged sampling equipment

Hand augers

To obtain a reliable soil sample, it is of great importance to use the correct hand auger. Our experts have designed two types of connections (bayonet and conical screw thread - more on this below), to make drilling to greater depths possible. The hand augers are made of high-quality non-toxic steel, which makes them extremely suitable for soil and environmental research.

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Hand auger standard sets

Most augers are available as one-piece and two-piece (extendable) versions. For your convenience, several standard sets are available. Hand auger equipment is supplied in five different types of complete standard sets:

  • ergonomic auger set with special ergonomic t-handle
  • basic hand auger set with bayonet connections
  • basic hand auger set with conical screw thread connections (csc)
  • geological prospecting kit in carrying bag
  • hand-operated bailer boring auger set

Choosing the right connection: bayonet or screw-thread? 

Our augers are available with two different connections, bayonet and conical screw thread. The one you need is dependent on your intended use.

The advantage of the bayonet connection is that it is a very fast coupling with little weight. This connection is considered the standard.

The conical screw thread connection, or csc, is stronger. This means you can use a hammer on it, which makes the csc connection more suitable for use with hard soils.  

Ergonomic handle

To protect the user in the field from work-related physical problems, the t-handle of this variant has been extended. The grip points are in a different place, which means that the user does not have to exert as much force on the handle to turn the auger. 

The added ratchet system, and the rounded ends to the handle, put the wrist of the user into a more neutral position while twisting and turning the auger.

The force on the handle used for pushing and pulling is, from an ergonomic point of view, best exerted from a neutral wrist position. 

How well does an Edelman hand auger hold your soil sample? 

If you question whether the iconic Edelman auger can really hold your soil sample, watch this video. You really don't need the bucket style; you can move the auger around, tap it, spin it, and the sample will hold until you're ready to release it. 

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