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Drilling with the riverside auger
Drilling with the riverside auger
Soil granular distribution

Particle size and soil classification

An important characteristic of soil is particle size distribution (granular distribution or texture) or colour. Both agricultural and soil science properties are to a large extent determined by soil texture and colour. Determining the particle size and classification of the soil is essential for assessing the availability of substances to flora and fauna, the behaviour of a substance in the soil, and the determination of soil quality.

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Drilling with the riverside auger

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Measuring particle size with sieves

Hand sieve

For the determination of the grain size distribution of soils, various hand sieve sets have been included in our assortment. With these sets it is possible to classify soils according to international standards. This can be applied to wet and dry soils, in the field or in the laboratory, depending on the set.

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Using the sand ruler

Sand ruler

When estimating granular composition, the sand ruler is an excellent aid. It is used for an indicative determination of the particle size distribution. Our sand rulers are discs of transparent material, provided with selected samples (standard scale).

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