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Monitoring of tailings for safer mining

Tailings Storage Facility Investigation

Investigation and analysis of tailings to monitor their stability and assess their composition.

Our product range offers various solutions and technologies for the safe management of mining waste stored in tailing facilities.  

Data Integration for Predictive Analysis

Integrate data from sonic drilling, CPT, and other geotechnical instrumentation for comprehensive analysis and predictive modeling of tailings behavior.

Enhanced Sampling with Sonic Drilling

Our sonic drill rigs allow you to obtain high-quality, undisturbed samples from tailings, without water (or minimum usage of fluids), for accurate characterization of materials and assessment of stability.

Continuous Profiling with CPT

Utilize Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) for real-time in-situ profiling of tailings, enabling immediate analysis of soil properties and detection of weak layers.

Efficient Penetration with Sonic Drilling

Achieve faster penetration rates in tailings deposits, allowing for quicker and more efficient monitoring programs.

CPT modules

These special pieces of technique make it possible to obtain more information in addition to the traditional CPT cone data: record seismic waves, magnetic field, soil conductivity and high-definition footage.

Seepage Monitoring

Detect and monitor seepage from tailings dams or waste storage sites to help prevent groundwater contamination. 

Feel free to get in touch with our team to choose the best set of solutions for your mining challenges.

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