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CPT rods, friction reducers and cross-overs
CPT rods, friction reducers and cross-overs
Various pushing equipment

Rods, Friction reducers & Cross-overs

Performing a CPT does not only require a pusher to push the cone into the soil, but also various pushing equipment. To provide the most suitable equipment to our clients, we provide a wide range of CPT tubes, casing, friction reducers (with cams or ring) and cross-overs in various lengths and with various threads.

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CPT rods, friction reducers and cross-overs

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Equipment you can rely on

For all of our pushing equipment, the steel quality and the straightness of the finished product is extremely important. Royal Eijkelkamp provides the highest possible quality and extremely tight tolerances, to ensure products that will not let you down during operations.

Custom options possible

These items are produced with a wide range of thread types to accommodate the most common needs. If you are operating with a less common thread or tube thickness then bespoke options are also available at request.