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Soil Valley

Drought and soil degradation are two of the biggest challenges we will face in the coming years. Climate change will only exacerbate these problems, and we need to consider both extreme drought and flooding. Soil Valley is committed to countering both.

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Together against drought and soil degradation

Soil Valley originated from the ideal of tackling these problems, and is a collaboration between Royal Eijkelkamp, Hal24K and a number of companies from the Liemers region. In order to succeed we also connect with research and knowledge institutions, and make our InnoFields terrain available to carry out new initiatives. 

Measures to restore soil biodiversity

Our aim is to stimulate and achieve a restoration of soil biodiversity by integrating both land and water management, and various other factors. The focus is now on testing new possibilities for agriculture and soil technology. We hope to promote biodiversity with technical and non-technical innovations, to achieve healthier food production, more biodiversity in landscapes, innovative jobs, and an overall higher quality of life in the region.

We believe that this integration of land and water management efforts, consumer interactions, and technological development will contribute to our societal goal of restoring soil biodiversity.

Soil Valley's main focus points:

This development negatively influences water management and soil conditions, making floods more prevalent. Green zones are becoming essential to help regulate water levels.

Land degradation
Soil depletion and salinisation affect soil fertility and with it, food production.

Food safety
More food needs to be produced on less farmland. This calls for more innovative and holistic cultivation methods.

How can we reduce the amount of waste and create sustainable solutions for a cleaner and more inhabitable world?

Land development
Sustainability is high on the agenda of urban planners. We must always monitor our human activity in relation to the environment and nature, because the way we live now  accelerates global warming and climate change.

Natural resources
We need to move towards a usage of natural resources that does not deplete the earth too much, while causing as little pollution as possible for people, animals and nature.

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