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Eijkelkamp Foundation | Royal Eijkelkamp
Eijkelkamp Foundation | Royal Eijkelkamp

Eijkelkamp Foundation

Because of Royal Eijkelkamp’s Centenary jubilee in 2011, the Eijkelkamp Foundation has been founded. This foundation has the disposal of knowledge, means and equipment which is meant for soil and water related projects.

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Eijkelkamp Foundation | Royal Eijkelkamp

The Eijkelkamp Foundation does not want to donate only money but wants to go further than that. In this way over 110 years of specialized knowledge and entrepreneurship obtained flows back at the community.


Royal Eijkelkamp always strives for products and services with the highest quality. By that our products last long which contributes to a more sustainable earth. Durability and continuity: our centenary jubilee ultimately proofs this.

By founding the Eijkelkamp Foundation we continue this line. In this way we are able to make a long lasting and structural social contribution. Durability and continuity. When projects and initiatives are judged these two conceptions are a guideline of course. Next to it the Eijkelkamp Foundation focuses on water and soil. Themes with which Royal Eijkelkamp has affinity with as well as a century of experience.

Committee members

Nobody of the Eijkelkamp Foundation committee members gets a reward for their activities for the foundation.

André Eijkelkamp - Chairman
Huug Eijkelkamp - Vice-Chairman
Albert Knol - Treasurer

Fons Eijkelkamp - Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Ellen Eijkelkamp - Secretary/Treasurer of the Supervisory Board

Fons Eijkelkamp

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