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Pocket pH/EC tester - waterproof


The Pocket pH meter is a convenient and small device for measuring pH value, conductivity and temperature. This practical pocket pH meter has a waterproof classification of IP67.

  • Wide LCD display
  • Indication of calibration points
  • Stability indication 
  • Automatic temperature compensation 
  • 1...2 calibration points


The Royal Eijkelkamp pH-meter, conductivity meter and thermometer is small and easy to carry, as well as IP67 waterproof. This device has a microprocessor and interchangeable combined electrode with high durability.

The meter is equipped with a large LCD display with three colours, which indicates the buffers used for calibration and measurement stability. The meter has an accuracy of ± 2 % full scale. 


  • Agriculture   
  • Treatment of water and wastewater  
  • Hydroponic crops and aquariums  
  • Environmental monitoring  
  • Swimming pools and thermal centers  
  • Food and beverage  
  • Cooling towers  
  • Galvanic
  • Graphics industry   
  • Education 

 Set contains

  • Tester 
  • Buffer solutions pH 7 and pH 4, 1x55ml
  • Storage solution, 1x10ml 
  • Standard solution 1413 µS, 1x55ml 
  • Additional glass for calibration 
  • Strap  
  • Paper tissues 
  • Quick manual 
  • 4 x 1.5V AAA batteries  
  • Carry case 

For a complete list of specifications, please download the brochure.


Pocket pH/EC tester - waterproof
pH measuring range -2…16
Calibration points  1...3
mV (pH) measuring range -1000 mV...+1900 mV 
Resolution 0.1 mV / 1 mV
Temperature measuring range 0…50 °C 
Resolution/accuracy 0.1 °C / ± 0.2 °C 
EC measuring range 0.01 μS...199.9 mS
TR reference temperature 20 / 25 °C 
Salinity measure range 0.01 mg/l ...100.0 g/l
Buffers auto recognition 84 μS/1413 μS/12.88 mS
TC temperature coefficient 0.00…4.00% / °C
TDS measuring range 0.01 ppm...199.9 ppt
Dimensions (Ø x L) 40 x 200 mm
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