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Sondeer Techniek CPT Royal Eijkelkamp
Sondeer Techniek CPT Royal Eijkelkamp

'We were quickly convinced that this should be our first CPT machine.'

Soil research
Construction & Infrastructure
Sondeer Techniek CPT Royal Eijkelkamp

'This compact and powerful machine gets you everywhere.'

‘The Compact Crawler CPT 200 is compact but, by being well-anchored, also very powerful. That is quite special for such a small machine. While anchoring does take some time, you can set it up anywhere, even indoors and in backyards.'

‘We were quickly convinced that the Compact Crawler CPT200 had to be our first CPT machine. It’s a solid machine for the long term. The CPT200’s functionality is straightforward; we were able to get started with it after a few trials and it’s easy to operate.’

‘In addition to the Compact Crawler CPT200 we also have a CPT crawler, which is an 11-ton machine, for the bigger projects. But for that one, you need a flatbed trailer. The Compact Crawler sits on a trailer behind the car and we’re able to drive to construction sites everywhere with it.’

‘The machine is only 84 cm (33 in.) wide, so you can really get anywhere. We’ve had to remove a door frame a few times, but that was often in a renovation project, so it wasn’t a real problem. The anchors are quite heavy, so it’s great that we can place them on the machine. If you had to pick them up one by one it would take a lot of time. Now we just take everything in one go.’

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