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Integrated Nutrient Pollution Control Project Roemenië
Integrated Nutrient Pollution Control Project Roemenië

The Integrated Nutrient Pollution Control Project in Romania

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Integrated Nutrient Pollution Control Project Roemenië

Romania wants to comply with European guidelines on nutrient runoff

Since January 2007, Romania is a member of the European Union. In response to this, the Romanian Ministry of the Environment has set up the Integrated Nutrient Pollution Control Project.

European guidelines nutrient runoff

The aim of this project is to help the Romanian government to comply with the European established guidelines in the field of nutrient runoff through:

  • Reducing nutrient pollution of water.
  • Creating awareness among the Romanian population for the importance of this topic.
  • Increasing knowledge on this subject among the authorities involved.

Collaboration combines knowledge and experience

The Romanian distributor of Eijkelkamp IFA Grup, the company Novaintermed from Bucharest and Royal Eijkelkamp have combined the available knowledge and experience. This enabled them to make a substantial contribution to achieving the project's objectives. Through this collaboration, they could offer high-quality products in combination with on-site advice and training.

Royal Eijkelkamp offers products and training

Royal Eijkelkamp supplied 54 MP1 groundwater sampling pumps for the project. These have been specially developed for the pumping and sampling of monitoring wells with a diameter from 50 millimeters. In addition, the same number of ball valve samplers went to Romania. These allow samples to be taken on open water, in water basins and monitoring wells. The samples can then be used for chemical, biological and/or bacteriological research. The pumps and samplers were supplied to eleven water boards, spread all over Romania. After a thorough training, carried out by Royal Eijkelkamp's Romanian distributor, the equipment was put into use.

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