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Submersible MP1 pump set
Submersible MP1 pump part in detail
Submersible MP1 pump used in the field
Submersible MP1 pump set
Submersible MP1 pump used in the field

Grundfos MP 1 submersible pump, PTFE tube - three variants


Submersible pump set with PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) tube is available in three sizes. This set is used for purging and sampling monitoring wells to a depth of 90 metres and an inside diameter of 50 millimetres and up. The SF MP1 is compact and easy to install and is supplied on a reel.

  • Provided with PTFE (re-usable) tube, which minimises cross contamination
  • Compact and easy to install; mobile set 
  • Resistant against corrosive fluids 
  • High top capacity for purging, speed (flow) regulated by included frequency converter 
  • Smooth flow for sampling 


The Grundfos MP 1 submersible pump is specially designed for purging and sampling of monitoring wells with a diameter of at least 50 millimetres or bigger. This pump is equipped with a re-usable PTFE tube. The high capacity of this pump allows for quick purging of the measuring point. By setting a low pumping capacity the same pump can be used for sampling. The pumped medium comes into contact only with steel and PTFE.

The pump motor is controlled by an adjustable frequency converter. Due to the variable setting of the frequency, the capacity of the pump can be adjusted from 0 to 2 m3/hour. This results in a steady flow of anaerobe water. Built-in safeguards protect the Grundfos MP 1 and the convertor against overload. The actual frequency can be read from a display. The set is delivered fully assembled. 


  • Anaerobe sampling 
  • Purging and sampling of monitoring wells
  • Maximum lift of 30 metres of water 

Available variants

  • 12.27.SF To 30 metres
  • 12.27.SG To 60 metres
  • 12.27.SH To 90 metres

Set contains

  • Submersible pump Grundfos MP 1
  • Frequency converter 
  • PTFE tube
  • Cables
  • Cooling jacket
  • Hose reel cart 
  • Service kit


Grundfos MP 1 submersible pump, PTFE tube - three variants
Power input 1.3kW
Voltage 3 x 220 V, 400 Hz
Maximum current 5.5 A
Motor protection Built-in thermal switch
Water temperature 0 °C to +35 °C
Discharge port Rp 3/4
Continuous operation 500 hours
Package size 120 x 80 x 100 cm
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