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GDT Prime Plus modem
GDT Prime Plus modem - Top Detail
Installing the GDT Prime Plus modem
GDT Prime Plus modem
Installing the GDT Prime Plus modem

GDT Prime Plus


GDT Prime Plus modem set. This model offers more flexibility compared to its counterparts and has a second sensor port that supports a vast range of third party sensors, such as SDI-12 or analogue. It's available with Eijkelkamp SIM card or no SIM card.

  • Real-time alarms
  • Global connectivity (GPRS & UMTS)
  • Easy link to your own web environment via API
  • Internal barometric and temperature sensor
  • External antenna for optimal reception
  • Data available on DataViewer or via e-mail


The GDT Prime Plus modem logs sensor data and allows you to directly connect to Scuba probes, SDI-12/Analogue/Pulse sensors or Divers. It always lets you know where it's located, thanks to GPS/GLONASS coordinates. It wil also power the sensor connected to the second port, when needed. 

Set consists of 

  • GDT Prime Plus modem (11.34.03)
  • Alkaline battery D 1.5 V, set of 2 pieces (11.31.21)
  • GPRS/UMTS/GPS antenna (11.34.35)
  • Installation check (11.34.11)

Note: the modem is powered with standard alkaline batteries, but a lithium battery is optional for intensive use. Since different sensors have different power requirements, the GDT Prime Plus offers the possibility to use and external power supply (6-24V DC) to extend battery life. 

Available variations

  • 11.34.03.ES GDT Prime Plus with Eijkelkamp SIM
    Please note that a SIM card subscription (11.62.81/82) is not included
  • 11.34.03.NS GDT Prime Plus without SIM
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