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Electronic Balance
Electronic Balance

Electronic balance


Electronic, battery operated balance with a weighing capacity of 2000 or 4000 gram. Dust and splashwater-proof (IP 54).

  • Sample can be weighed accurately in the field as well as the laboratory
  • Dust and splashwater resistant (IP 54)
  • Built-in calibration program
  • Weighing capacity 2000 or 4000 gram


This electronic, battery-operated balance is available in two variations: 

  • 98.02.04
    Weighing capacity 2000 gram, 0.1 g accuracy, weighing plate dimensions 130 x 130 mm
  • 98.02.08 
    Weighing capacity 4000 gram, 1 g accuracy, weighing plate dimensions 170 x 150 mm

The housing is dust and splashwater proof according to IP rating 54. The various functions of the balance can be controlled easily using the four menu buttons. To adjust the accuracy of the balances, a built-in calibration program can be used. 

The balance has a stainless steel weighing plate. Includes protective cover and adjusting weight. 


Electronic balance
Power source mains adapter 230 V or 9 V battery
Weighing plate dimensions 130 x 130 mm / 170 x 150 mm
Weighing capacity 2000 / 4000 g
Accuracy 0.1 / 1 g
Weight unit metric, grams
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