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Soil colour book


The Colour Identification Book is an ideal tool for determining the composition of the soil. Royal Eijklelkamp offers two different versions for this purpose.

  • Twelve colour charts
  • English language
  • Two variants of booklets


The determination of a subgroup in the soil classification system is based, among other things, on colour differences. The colour of the soil is determined by comparing the sample with standard soil colour charts (Munsell). Soil colour charts are available in Japanese and American.


  • Soil colour identification book (Munsell) 08.11.03, book with 12 colour charts (5R/7.5R/10R/2.5YR/7.5YR/10YR/ 2.5Y/5Y/10Y-5GY/GLEY 1 and Gley 2) and 1 blank chart. Water-resistant washable cards, American edition.
  • Soil colour identification book (Japanese) 08.11.01, (7.5R/10R/2.5YR/5YR/ 7.5YR/10YR/2.5Y/5Y/7.5Y/5R and GLEY = two cards). Total 389 colour chips, Japanese edition (English text)


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