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From Seed to Crop

The Eijkelkamp Foundation supported the agricultural project ‘From Seed to Crop’ of foundation Milly Mamoudou in Guinea.

Project goal

Agriculture and horticulture are the pillars of the economy in the developing country Guinea. Approximately 85% of the population uses local products. The project "From Seed to Crop" will contribute to employment and a better eating habit. The ultimate goal is that farmers from the village will establish a co-operative so that 40 to 60 families have sufficient food and income. This objective is expected to be realized in 2013.

Second good cause

Because of Royal Eijkelkamp’s Centenary jubilee, the Eijkelkamp Foundation has been founded in May 2011. This Guinean project is the second good cause that has been supported. The first one was an agricultural project in Myanmar.

The Eijkelkamp Foundation has the disposal of knowledge, means and equipment which is meant for special good causes. The Eijkelkamp Foundation does not want to donate only money but wants to go further than that. In this way 100 years of specialized knowledge and entrepreneurship obtained flows back at the community.