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Eijkelkamp Foundation supports agricultural project in Myanmar

The Eijkelkamp Foundation supported a good cause for the first time by donating a pump with tubes to match. The equipment went to an agricultural project in the delta region of Myanmar.


Recently Hans van Rheenen, Innovation Manager at Royal Eijkelkamp, made contact with Jop Endelage. Jop is programm manager at World Concern Myanmar. Jop informed Hans about the cyclone Nargis that killed thousands of people and destroyed the dams of many rice-fields. By that salt water can pass easily which is harmful for the yield but the local community is not capable of reparing the dams.

Without hesitation Hans asked the Eijkelkamp Foundation for a contribution. Via the local agricultural advisor it became clear that among other things a pump was desirable. The Eijkelkamp Foundation donated the pump with tubes to match.

Hand over

On 26 July the equipment was handed over to Janine Roelofsen by Hans (see picture). Janine is going to Myanmar together with her husband and three kids for executing emergency work for ZOA Refugee Care. Janine will take care of getting the pump at the right location.

The Eijkelkamp Foundation is proud that they have supported the first good cause.