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My Peristaltic Pump is not charging

Firstly, it's important to note that if the battery level of the 12 VDC advanced peristaltic pump reaches 10% or less, it can not be charged with the regular charger anymore. You will need to remove the battery and use an external charger to charge the battery. The 12 VDC advanced contains a lithium battery that slowly drains even when the machine is powered off. It is, therefore, important to regularly check the battery levels. The battery indicator shows the battery levels with a coloured light: 

  • Red: less than 30%
  • Orange: less than 70%
  • Green: more than 70%

If you can't charge the battery with an external charger either, please check the functionality of your charger (if possible). If the charger does work, the battery is probably defective and will need to be replaced. Please send the pump including charger to us for examination and repair. If the charger is defective, you can order a new charger from our webshop, or from our Sales department.