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Penetrologger CBR Bundeswehr runway
Penetrologger CBR Bundeswehr runway

Together with the Bundeswehr Royal Eijkelkamp developed a new Penetrologger

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Penetrologger CBR Bundeswehr runway

The Penetrologger CBR for the Bundeswehr

The ground forces of the German army are, among other things, searching for suitable locations for airstrips. During this search, it is essential to determine the loadbearing capacity of the ground. The Penetrologger can help with that. This easy-to-use device can measure the loadbearing capacity to a depth of 60 centimeters. To meet the needs of the Bundeswehr even better, Royal Eijkelkamp started a project to jointly develop a new type of Penetrologger.

The Penetrologger CBR

Compared to the existing Penetrologger, the new type, the Penetrologger CBR, is lighter and more compact. The handles are for example removable. This makes it easier to transport the device. Besides, the new type uses special batteries and specifically developed software.

In addition, the measurement unit of the Penetrologger CBR is according to the California Bearing Ratio (CBR). This ratio was developed by the California State Highway Department to determine the bearing capacity of ground. They have been using this test since the 1940s. This method is now used throughout the world to easily determine the loadbearing capacity of ground and foundation material. The Penetrologger CBR is therefore extremely suitable for both military and civil applications.

A successful project

Klaus Seus of the Federal Department of Defence, Technology and Procurement: 'I want to thank the employees of Royal Eijkelkamp for their pleasant and constructive cooperation. It was certainly not always easy to meet our requirements. However, it was the continual dedication and willingness to do so that has contributed to the rapid development and implementation. This has made a major contribution to the success of the project.'

Sandra van der Linden

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