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LoRa Bodemvochtmeetnet Den Haag peilbuis plaatsen
LoRa Bodemvochtmeetnet Den Haag peilbuis plaatsen

LoRa sensors used at soil moisture monitoring network in The Hague

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LoRa Bodemvochtmeetnet Den Haag peilbuis plaatsen

The LoRa soil moisture monitoring network in The Hague: insightful, wireless and inexpensive

De Lange Vijverberg is a street in The Hague, located opposite of the Binnenhof and next to the Hofvijver. The street consists of a tram track surrounded by a large number of old linden trees. In 2016, a start was made on the redevelopment of the Lange Vijverberg.

Redevelopment leads to soil moisture changes

Due to the redevelopment of the Lange Vijverberg, changes are taking place in the living environment of the linden trees. The Municipality of The Hague therefore wants to gain insight into the change in soil moisture. They want this to happen in a simple, wireless and inexpensive way. That is why Royal Eijkelkamp has chosen to set up a LoRa measuring network of soil moisture sensors.

The monitoring network

The soil moisture monitoring network consists of a gateway, LoRa transmitters with twenty sensors and an online platform. The sensors are placed near ten trees: at a depth of 75 centimeters and 150 centimeters. These sensors transmit the change in soil moisture to an online platform every three hours. This platform makes it possible for both the contractor and the client to visualize the data and control the sensors.

LoRa: Long Range

LoRa stands for Long Range. It is a new way of communication in which small amounts of data are sent via the LoRa network to a web page. The costs of this communication method are very limited compared to existing GPRS subscriptions. In addition to its use for a soil moisture monitoring network, LoRa can also be used excellently for a groundwater monitoring network.

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