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‘Sonic drilling is compact, really strong and superfast'

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‘Sonic drilling is compact, really strong and superfast'

Ground Research, a Dutch drilling company, has used sonic for a long time. Why? Director Pim Groot talks about it.

From drilling by hand to sonic drilling

‘I run Ground Research together with my brother and his brother-in-law. We have been drilling for 20 years now; it started by hand and after 10 years the customers asked us, can you drill a little deeper? That’s why we bought our first sonic machine from Royal Eijkelkamp. Twenty years later we now have three sonic drilling machines up and running.

With sonic we can offer a good price for the customer
Pim Groot, director of Ground Research
Pim Groot | Director

‘We are now working in Noord- Scharwoude (the northern part of the Netherlands) for a project. We are situated next to a church; together with my family, I am going to live in this church. We are drilling holes for geothermal energy. We drill eight holes to a depth of 50 metres, with a diameter of 88 mm.

Main benefits of sonic drilling

‘We do a few things with sonic rigs, like environmental research, monitoring wells for plants that have a lot of pollution; we make well systems around the plant. We also drill through concrete for monitoring wells to build a new basement. ‘The main benefits of sonic drilling are that it is compact, really, really strong and superfast. So we can offer a good price for the customers. Why we use sonic? Because it is a clean way of drilling. We only need one rig, a few pipes and then we can make a beautiful system.’

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