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Royal Eijkelkamp Avenue2 Groundwater monitoring Diver water level logger
Royal Eijkelkamp Avenue2 Groundwater monitoring Diver water level logger

Project Avenue2: the construction of a stacked tunnel

Water research
Construction & Infrastructure
Royal Eijkelkamp Avenue2 Groundwater monitoring Diver water level logger

Groundwater monitoring in a kilometer-long construction pit

In 2016, the 2.3 kilometer-long tunnel underneath Maastricht was opened. It was a mega project for Europe: never before a double-deck tunnel suitable for lorry traffic in both the lower and the upper tube was realised here. The realisation of the tunnel is part of the Avenue2 project. This project improves the accessibility, safety and quality of life in Maastricht.

By draining the water, we make sure everyone will keep their feet dry in the construction pit.
Royal Eijkelkamp Avenue2 Groundwater monitoring Henk van Tongeren
Allard van Tongeren | Project leader of Henk van Tongeren Bronbemaling BV

Goal: No flooding of the construction pit

Henk van Tongeren Bronbemaling BV and Reinders-Wessemius ensure that the kilometre-long construction pit does not fill with water. 'It is a unique project for us as well that will require our employees' best efforts. We are working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in exceptional circumstances', says Project Leader Allard van Tongeren. 'We are in the middle of an urban area, which strongly limits the working space. In addition, the soil characteristics in the south of the Netherlands are quite different compared to the rest of the country. First gravel, sometimes with stones with a diameter of a metre and a half, and then marl below that.'

Solution: Divers and Monitoring Well Modems

'If we do not drain, the water will reach the top edge of the sheet pilings. Moreover, we return the drained water into the soil. For these so-called return fields, Divers help us to gain insight into the groundwater levels. If the water threatens to reach ground level, a Monitoring Well Modem will give an alarm. That's how we know we should adjust our activities. We receive this alarm by means of an SMS. The data from the Divers is also displayed on a web portal that is available to us 24 hours per day. This is ideal, since it allows us to access this data anywhere and at any time. Moreover, the Divers and Modems are very compact. That is a great advantage for this project.'

Wouter Evertse

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