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Copijn Water Monitoring Driebergen-Zeist Station equipment
Copijn Water Monitoring Driebergen-Zeist Station equipment

Copijn monitors moisture levels and tree stock at tunnel construction

Soil research
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Copijn Water Monitoring Driebergen-Zeist Station equipment

Driebergen-Zeist station gets a new tunnel

The railway crossing near Driebergen-Zeist station causes great delays in general traffic flow. To improve this flow, Prorail and the municipalities Utrechtse Heuvelrug and Zeist will construct a tunnel to enable traffic to drive under the railway line.

Problem: changing soil moisture patterns

The construction of a tunnel has significant consequences on groundwater extraction and general soil moisture patterns. Many old trees are located in the adjacent plots. These trees could suffer from dehydration as a consequence of reduced groundwater levels.

Solution: monitoring, monitoring, monitoring

The client of the project is Copijn, an organisation that specializes in designing, advising, realising and managing green living environments. To map out the effect of the tunnel construction on trees, Copijn monitors moisture levels around the tunnel. To do that, they use various products of Royal Eijkelkamp, such as the diver water level loggers and the global data transmitters. Moreover, a rain gauge has been positioned to monitor how much rain falls at the site of the monitoring network. This rain gauge can, for example, show that the soil moisture reduces due to less rainfall instead of the tunnel construction.

Copijn will continue monitoring the long-term effects after the tunnel construction. Royal Eijkelkamp also provides annual maintenance and will continue to offer support regarding measurement requirements.

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