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Digitaal Grondwatermeetnet Doetinchem diepte meten
Digitaal Grondwatermeetnet Doetinchem diepte meten

Expansion and automation Groundwater monitoring network Municipality of Doetinchem

Water research
Water Management & Research
Digitaal Grondwatermeetnet Doetinchem diepte meten

Doetinchem sets up a digital groundwater monitoring network

The municipality of Doetinchem wishes to digitally manage its existing groundwater monitoring network. This is done in the context of the Municipal Water Tasks Act and the Water Framework Directive.

The project starts with preliminary research

Doetinchem already has a groundwater monitoring network. Before this network can be automated, research is required into the feasability of the existing monitoring wells and expanding this with new monitoring wells. This research has been summarized in an extensive question specification which serves as the basis for the entire project. Bas Berends, Roads and Sewers Advisor for the Municipality of Doetinchem, says: 'The start-up meeting went well. Royal Eijkelkamp has listened carefully to our wishes and has translated this excellently in the design plan 'Expansion and automation of the groundwater monitoring network of the Municipality of Doetinchem.'

Automatic data transmission

For the municipality of Doetinchem, 47 measurement locations have been set up with Divers and an monitoring well modem. The modem and a pressure trandsducer in the monitoring well register the correct rise height relative to the mean sea level. Every day, the data is automatically sent to the main central post of the municipality. The same data is also automatically sent to the DINO Database. The administrator therefore receives new data every day. In this way, they can easily manage the monitoring network. Parameters for validation and alarms are processed in the software.

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