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Asian Facility Project Reasearch and Education Site
Asian Facility Project Reasearch and Education Site

Royal Eijkelkamp provides hydrology training at Chinese universities

Water research
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Asian Facility Project Reasearch and Education Site

Chinese universities learn from Dutch expertise

There are currently many construction projects in China due to the economic growth that the country is experiencing. However, these construction projects do not always take into account the consequences for the water systems and the ecosystem. In addition, about 50% of China consists of low-rainfall areas. Therefore, there is a great demand for water cycle professionals who ensure a balanced water and ecosystem.

Asian Facility Project

Because of this high demand for experts in hydrology, China wants to train its students in this field. Royal Eijkelkamp, the Institute for Water Education in Delft and three Chinese universities have therefore set up the Asian Facility Project. The aim of this project is to develop teaching modules for hydrological/ecological research that can then be taught at universities in China.

Practice and theory

The project consisted of both practical and theoretical training. At the end of 2009, Cor Verbruggen, trainer of Eijkelkamp Academy, and Prof. Zhou from Delft went to China together. Here they looked for suitable test areas for practical training of students. After that, in 2010, a number of Chinese students and teachers went to the Netherlands to get extra training. Later that year, Cor Verbruggen traveled back to China to arrange various courses. These courses were aimed at charting a catchment area in relation to its water and ecology.

The project ran until 2012. During the entire project, Royal Eijkelkamp provided the required knowledge and equipment for monitoring groundwater, surface water, soil water and water quality.

Cor Verbruggen

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