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Liquid Manure Automatic Sampler
Liquid Manure Automatic Sampler

Fraud-proof automatic sampler


The automatic, fraud-resistant sampling equipment was developed by Royal Eijkelkamp to sample slurry according to the latest (legal) standards.

  • Conform the latest legal standards
  • Automatic slurry sampling
  • Available in two sizes


The liquid manure sampling system consists of a slurry sampling machine that automatically takes sub-samples during loading or unloading, and a tamper-resistant sample cabinet (with camera inspection) that collects the samples in sealable jars.

With the sample cabinet, the unique codes of the pot and lid can also be read on the fertiliser receipt. The sampling equipment is suitable for slurry tanks on trucks and tractors.

Since the legal introduction date (01-07-2000), hundreds of devices have functioned without problems under often difficult conditions (moisture, temperature, vibration, pollution, manure vapours).

New improved version
The latest version was introduced in November 2012. With an upgrade package, existing manure sampling systems can be given the same new possibilities. The new improved version has been modified in 23 points, the most important of which are:

  • Fewer sensors: from 14 to 5
  • The thrust cylinder has been removed
  • Heating has been removed
  • Half of the wiring
  • Camera digital instead of analogue
  • Own production camera and camera control
  • Service via WiFi
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