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Peat sampler set
Peat sampler set

Peat sampler set


The stainless steel peat sampler is in fact a kind of gouge auger. You can easily push the peat sampler into the ground by hand. The sample containing part is a half cylinder. The peat sampler distinguishes itself from the standard gouge auger as its cone is massive.

  • Soil sampling above and below groundwater table
  • Effective to sample young peat and sediment
  • Samples saturated and unsaturated material
  • Soil profile description and classification
  • Environmental soil research


The stainless steel peat sampler is pushed into the soil by hand. Half a cylinder is used to contain the obtained sample. The cone of the peat sampler is massive, distinguishing it from the standard gouge auger.
The sample containing section is sealed off by a plate (fin) that can pivot around the axle in the middle of the sampler and that is fitted with a cutting edge on one side. Having arrived at the correct sampling depth the complete sampler is given half a turn clockwise (180°). During the turning the fin remains in position, which allows the half cylinder to be filled and closed again. The half circular sample cylinder is kept closed by the other side of the fin during extraction.

The peat sampler can only be used in flabby and very soft soils. To achieve maximum stability the connections between the T-handle, the extension rods and the bottom part are conic threaded connections. Please note that due to the thick tip, limited penetration into stiff material is possible and water plant roots will be pushed aside.


  • Soil profile description and classification
  • Soil sampling above groundwater table
  • Soil sampling below groundwater table
  • Environmental soil research
  • Sediment sampling

The peat sampler enables to take undisturbed samples from soft soils at predetermined depths on behalf of:

  • Environmental studies
  • Visual interpretation of a soil layer
  • Soft sediment sampling
  • Palaeontological research

Set contains

  • Edelman auger
  • Peat sampler
  • Push-/pull handle
  • Tools
  • Maintenance kit
  • Fibre glass utility probe
  • The whole is kept in a sturdy aluminium transport case


Peat sampler set
Connection Screw thread
Maximum sample depth 10 m
Product material Stainless steel, iron, other material
Sample diameter 52 mm
Sample length 50 cm
Sample specification Semi-disturbed
Sample volume 530 ml
Sampler position Vertical
Package size 117 x 27 x 23 cm
Weight 32 kg
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