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Mineral gouge auger


The mineral auger is used to take samples from the top layer to a depth of 30 or 60 cm.

  • Maximum sampling depth 30/60 cm
  • For medium hard to hard soils
  • Extremely narrow auger bodies; low friction
  • Non-toxic steel (not galvanised)
  • Two variants


The mineral drill is for taking samples in the top layer to a depth of 30 or 60 cm. The augers have an almost half-cylindrical auger body, with parallel cutting edges running from top to bottom. the auger has a diameter of 13 mm and a total length of 110 cm. The operational length depends on the variant you choose. We have a 60-cm version and a 30-cm version. 

The mineral drill is also available in a set. This set also includes a Auger arable land and two thumb spatulas. 

Available variations

  • 04.06.06 Mineral drill, 60 cm operational length
  • 04.06.07 Mineral drill bit, 30 cm operational length


Mineral gouge auger
Diameter 13 mm
Maximum sampling depth 30 or 60 cm
Total length 110 cm
Product material Steel, other material
Sample specification Semi-disturbed
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