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Free-fall corer sediment sampler
Free-fall corer sediment sampler

Free-fall corer - standard set


The free-fall corer sampler is designed to sample submerged soils/sediments at greater depths, from the bottoms of rivers, lakes, etc.

  • Sample can be emptied into clean stainless-steel bucket, or layer by layer in wide necked sample jar
  • Profile is directly visible
  • Both for fresh water and marine applications
  • Lifting/hoisting installation is required 
  • Soil profile description and classification 


The free-fall corer consists of a frame, falling weight and sampler. The sampler is especially designed to take samples at greater depths (>30 metres). By using a hoist unit (davit) on board of a boat, the sampler is lowered in free fall. By its own weight and obtained velocity, the apparatus will penetrate the submerged soil. 

Semi-disturbed samples can be obtained from the top layer of submerged sediments. The depth of penetration is partly determined by the composition of the material. If the bottom is rich of mud, penetration will reach about 80 centimetres; in more sandy material it will be about 30 centimetres. The system is fitted with a non-return valve at the top of the sampler so that no water remains floating above the sample. This ensures that the sample remains in place.

The Free-fall corer is not suitable for rocky bottoms, and unconsolidated materials will not hold. 


  • Environmental research 
  • Sediment sampling at greater depth 
  • Both for fresh water and marine applications

Set contains

  • Free-fall frame with sample tube support system 
  • Sample tubes with cutting shoe (10 pieces)

Please note that an installation is required for hoisting and lifting. 


Free-fall corer - standard set
Maximum sample depth > 30 m
Product material Iron, PVC, other material
Rod or cable operated Cable
Sample specification Semi-disturbed
Sample diameter  66 mm
Sample length 999 mm
Sample stored in Sample tube
Sample volume 3.5 l
Sampler position Vertical
Package size 118 x 45 x 62 cm
Weight 47 kg