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Analab s.a.

Analab, is a family company who source, install, supply, rent and repair equipment for environmental research. For more than 38 years we have developed our expertise and experience to bring you best-in-class equipment for soil, water and groundwater monitoring and research. Our range of equipment helps you protect our environment and precious natural resources. From auger, to datalogger, to a full turnkey monitoring system - no project is too small or too large. Our equipment is rugged, reliable and site ready with create service.

Our expertise

  • Augers & samplers
  • Field measuring equipment
  • Laboratory equipment

Contact information

Address Carrer Orient, nº 78 local 6
Postal code 08172
City Sant Cugat del Valles
Country ES
Phone +34 935900007
Email Address montse@vanwalt.com
Website http://www.analab.es/