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Soil Life Score Cards


SOLISCA gives you insight into the state of soil biology on your field. This gives a clear picture of the health of your soil and helps to identify the causes of problems in crop growth.


The Soil Life Score Card for sustainable soil management gives an indication of the presence of micro-organisms and microfauna in soil and compost. In order to take care of soil life, insight is a prerequisite. With insight, you can steer your soil management in a targeted way. It is also possible to monitor the effect of tillage or soil improvers. With SOLISCA you get a quantitative and qualitative assessment of various groups of organisms. This will show whether your soil biology consists of favourable or unfavourable organisms and in what quantities these organisms are present. The biomass ratio of fungi and bacteria is also determined. All these values are important indicators of the state of your soil life.

Through the SOLISCA platform, you can get a clear insight into the life in your soil. 


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