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Soil analysis and soil improvement


Royal Eijkelkamp has developed a product line to carry out soil analyses and to boost soil life. Thanks to our applications you can give your soil life a boost again and manage it more sustainably.

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Soil improvement

With the help of high quality compost tea, deficiencies in soil biology can be remedied. By stimulating soil life, the soil, for example, retains moisture better when it rains, plants and crops are protected in a natural way, plants become healthier and your crop yield often increases. Compost tea is brewed in a special composting machine. This requires water, compost and nutrition for micro-organisms. Royal Eijkelkamp has developed a machine and various brewing packages that are suitable for different applications. The tea must be aerated for 4 to 48 hours. This creates a biological extract full of life. This extract can be applied directly to the soil or to the plant. 
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